Welcome to Omoyele Sowore Solidarity Front (OSSFRONT) website.

OSSFRONT is a community of organised professionals in different fields who are volunteering and working for the political vision of a better Nigeria with Mr Omoyele Sowore. Mr Omoyele Sowore is aiming to become the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and is contesting for the candidacy of the forthcoming 2019 Presidential Election come Fecruary 14th, 2019.

The #TakeItBack’s movement was initiated by him and has been taunted as a protest movement by ‘few activists’. But, this is not really true; as more and more responsible and patriotic Nigerians from all walks of life the world over are joining to see a Nigeria governed by intelligent and able people.

A Nigeria where basic facilities like regular and efficient electricity, pipe-borne water, good healthcare facility, good roads, adequate security as well as education and food for all  is possible! After all, we have an abundant human and material resources needed for this; short of bad leadership which this movement is seeking to correct.

We engage not only in financing the campaign at a higher level of commitment, but contribute our professional services free of charge for the love of our country.
Membership is open to successful professionals who share in this dream irrespective of ethnic, faith or sex. All members are expected to contribute in cash or kind as need be in order to realise the goal of this movement.

Let’s take Nigeria back! Get your PVC!! Spread the news ….#TakeitBack!!!

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